Printela invests in high impact technologies

PRINTELA has been producing all types of adhesive and textile labels since 1997 , focusing on quality and professional service. The company constantly invests in the latest printing technologies and staff training. This helps the company’s specialists to implement the most complex projects in a timely and high-quality manner, to attract customers not only from Lithuania, but also from Western European countries.

In June 2017 PRINTELA initiated a project aimed at investing in the implementation of high-impact technologies and the production of flexible packaging with the press. In order to produce new products, the company needs modern technological equipment for printing, laminating and cutting flexible packaging.

For additional project financing, PRINTELA  applied to the EU Structural Funds under the Measure of Priority No. 3 “Promotion of Small and Medium Business Competitiveness” of the EU Funds Investment Operational Program for 2014–2020. 03.3.1-LVPA-K-841 “DPT for industry LT +”.

For the project implemented by the company in 2017 12 20 the contract provided € 1,400,000 in funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

During the project, the company acquired a flexible packaging production line consisting of a digital printing machine, laminating and cutting machines.

After the installation of the equipment, PRINTELA is ready to offer an innovative product on a company-wide scale – flexible packaging with printing.

The main advantage of the company’s planned flexible packaging on the market will be the modern digital printing technology not used in Lithuania so far.

All flexible packaging with printing produced in the country is produced in the traditional method – using conventional printing machines with printing forms.

By investing in high-impact technologies that have no analogues in the country, flexible packaging will be produced much faster, at lower cost and with lower environmental impact. Packaging can be produced in small and medium editions, adapted to the specific needs of customers, environmentally friendly.

It is expected that due to these reasons, the products manufactured by PRINTELA will gain a significant competitive advantage over the manufacturers of flexible packaging using traditional technology in both local and export markets.

After implementing the project, PRINTELA using the most modern digital printing technologies, will be able to offer the market an innovative product.

The implementation of this project will have a positive impact on the entire company’s activities – sales will grow, the company’s awareness and competitiveness in both local and international markets will be increased.

End of project implementation – June of 2018.