Lazerinis kirtimas

Embossing technika. Iškilioji spauda. 

label crossing without crossing forms

In recent years, more and more small businesses are creating unique brands. This is especially noticeable in the field of food and beverage production, where original, unusual products are successfully introduced to the market. Manufacturers are looking for unique, personalized shape labels for their brands.

In response to these trends, we have introduced new laser technologies to make the label production process even more efficient. Now a laser beam can replace metal cutting forms. Laser cutting of labels is the most modern process of cutting labels, during which labels are cut by laser to the required size and shape.

Cutting labels with a computer-controlled laser beam allows the production of labels without cutting forms.

Corners, rounding, perforation, burning effects, cut-out contours of various complexity on the label – laser cutting technology offers many more possibilities for decorating labels than traditional cutting methods.


Brands who want to add unusual and unique effects to their product labels can now take advantage of the latest digital technologies.

Advantages of laser label cutting

Laser technology is particularly effective. They allow flexible and precise execution of those processes that are not possible using cutting forms.

What are the main advantages of laser cutting label technology?

·         Flexibility: There is no need to produce special label cutting molds as the modeling is done by computer and the labels are laser cut.

·         Cost: Laser cutting is a more economical option for small runs. Production requires shorter preparation time and fewer materials for installation calibration;

·         Low production costs for single copies, such as industrial samples (compared to the traditional logging process).

·         Fully automated process;

·         High-quality, precise cutting, smooth cutting line despite the complexity of the contour.

·         The ability to cut very complex, even miniature, contours;

·         High cutting speed compared to mechanical methods;

·         Ability to produce very small-size labels.

 Laser-cut labels in unique shapes are a great way to strengthen your brand.


Spaustuvės ,,Printela“ specialistai patars dėl jūsų etikečių apdailos galimybių. Dirbdami su naujausiomis spausdinimo technologijomis galime pasiūlyti įvairių sprendimų, tokie kaip lazerinis įvairių etiketės elementų  bei formų iškirtimas, perforavimas ir kitų. Visa tai padeda gaminiui tapti išskirtiniu.