Cookie policy

Our website uses cookies, so we explain how they work and how you can remove them.

Cookies are small information files that allow websites to store a user’s habits of using the website. Typically, cookie files are stored on a user’s device, and when the user returns to the website, the content is customized according to their needs and previous choices.

The cookies we use do not contain any personal user data and are not used for identification purposes. The information collected through the use of cookies serves us to analyze the statistics of the use of our website.

All information about the cookies used on our website, their validity and purposes of use is provided in the table below.

The name of the cookieThe moment of creationExpiry dateDescription
pll_languageWhen entering the pageUntil the page is closedThis cookie helps the website to detect the user’s language. The cookie remembers the last selected language.
themify_popup_page_viewWhen entering the pageUntil the page is closedThis cookie helps the website to know when to display a pop-up window about the Printela spec. proposals.
cookielawinfo-checkbox-non-necessarycookielawinfo-checkbox-necessaryviewed_cookie_policyWhen entering the pageUntil the page is closedThese cookies help the website remember the user-selected cookie settings. Find out if the user is familiar with the cookies used.
 When entering the page1 yearThese Google Analytics cookies are used to collect statistics about website traffic. The data obtained is used for reporting and to improve the page. IP addresses and unique ID numbers are used for accounting. In some cases, the data collected may be passed on to Google Ads.

The default browser settings allow cookies to be accepted, but the user can set their browser to not accept cookies. These changes to settings may cause some parts of the website to not work at all or to malfunction. Mobile users should follow the device settings to disable cookie collection.

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