Modern manufacturing technology and many years of experience enables us to produce textile silkscreen transfers (also known as heat transfer, textile labels)

Transfers are silk-screen produced labels used to mark and brand various clothes. Usually indicating the logo, size, manufacturer, care instructions, etc.

Using this method clothes can also be decorated on the outside – when applying a logo, various images or ornaments.

It is a cost-effective way to provide a more unique, modern look to clothing.

Uniforms and work clothes that are marked using textile labels look neat and professional.

silkografiniai transferai
Tekstiliniai lipdukai


Silk-screen transfers (textile labels) are frequently used to decorate T-shirts as well as various sports gear, such as jerseys etc.

If your textile project requires unique design elements, heat transfers will help showcase your brand in the best possible way.

Shadows, specific colours, small details of the logo or special effects – can all be implemented to help your product look exceptional.

The high definition image quality (HD) printing method allows you to print a picturesque  image. This opens up unlimited possibilities when designing transfers.

The screen transfers we produce are environmentally friendly and do not contain heavy metals, lead or PVC.

These products comply with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (Class 1). It is one of the best known textile labels in the world, signifying high safety of the product. Products that meet this standard are non-hazardous and may come into contact with the skin.


Textile labels are resilient, soft, gentle to the touch, can be stuck on various even very elastic fabrics (made of natural and synthetic fibres – cotton, polyester, etc.), on natural and artificial leather.

We can also apply special attributes: shiny, glittery glowing or reflective finishes to name a few.

High-quality ecological inks (water-based) and special technology allow us to produce transfers without adhesive edging (halo free), so we guarantee great quality, brightness and aesthetic appearance of the entire print.

Textile labels are durable, the colours remain bright, resistant to fade and can be washed not only at home but also in industrial washing machines.

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